Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section, where we provide answers to the most common queries our customers have.

What information do you need from me to supply a quote?
  • A plan, drawing (including measurements), and / or photos of the project, highlighting the exposed edges and edges that will require polishing.
  • Whether the project is a new kitchen cabinetry installation or for replacing existing countertops only.
  • The name of your cabinet maker (if you are using one)
  • Your address / location (to allow for an estimation of transportation costs)
  • Any specific cutout requirements for features such as a sink, hob tap, air switch, water filter etc.
  • The level of accessibility for the installation (will a hiab be needed?)
  • The thickness and colour options you are considering.
  • Do you require us to template this job?
How long will a quote take once full information is supplied?
We try to work with 1-2 business day turnaround. However, this can be longer due to unforeseen circumstances.
What does templating mean?
  • Templating refers to the process of creating a precise template or pattern for a project, typically using a machine that accurately measures the dimensions and spaces required.
  • The template is then used to guide the cutting and shaping of the material, such as stone, to ensure a precise fit for installation.
  • From quote approval and deposit, we aim to template within 10 business days.
How long after templating will my stone be installed?
While there may be some variables, typically the installation of your stone can be expected around 10/15 business days after templating.
What can I use to clean my benchtop?

We will supply you with a cleaning solution that is safe and effective for your benchtop after the installation. If you require more of the cleaning solution it is available to purchase from us.

  • Porcelain: For ordinary cleaning, a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap is perfectly adequate. For more persistent or burned on stains, we recommend moistening the dirt with hot water (to soften any residues) and then rinsing or removing with a clean cloth.
  • Engineered Stone: For daily maintenance, we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a clean damp cloth, then gently buffing dry with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Natural Stone: Clean stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner, stone soap, or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Like any item cleaned in your home, an excessive concentration of cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks.
What are the different finishes?
When it comes to stone finishes, there are a variety of options available to suit different preferences and styles. Some of the most common finishes include:
  • Polished: which has a smooth, glossy surface.
  • Suede: which has a soft, textured surface.
  • Leathered: which has a slightly rough surface with a matte finish.
  • Honed/Matte: which has a smooth matte surface with a subtle sheen.

Each finish has its own unique characteristics and can lend a different look and feel to a space. It is important to consider the overall design aesthetic and practical needs of your project when selecting a stone finish.

The join is coming apart. What do I do?

If it is a job we have done we can organise a repair of the join for you.

Please use THIS FORM to lodge your repair.

Alternatively you can send an email to info@pacificstone.co.nz

In this email please include:

  • First and last name
  • Address where the repair needs to be done
  • Contact phone number
  • Image of the join issue

From there someone from our team will get back to you with a day and time for the repair to be done. If the join is coming apart within 3 years of installation, there will be no charge. If the issue has come out outside of our warranty, there will be a charge. This can be discussed with you prior to the repair being done.

I have dropped something on my top and caused a chip/ crack. What do I do?
We refer stone repair, restoration work to Stone Lab NZ. You can get in touch with them directly.
Leif 0272 88 77 55
Can you give me a per square meter and / or per slab price?

Sorry, but we do not provide generic, broad pricing. We take pride in offering accurate quotes, which require us to gather sufficient information from our clients before providing a quote. There are too many variables involved in quoting, and stone price alone is not enough for an accurate estimate. To view the list of questions we ask our clients before providing a quote, please refer to the first question on this page.

Do I own / get to have the offcuts (leftovers) of my slab?

No. You have ownership of the specific measurements and design of your benchtop, but the offcuts are considered separate materials. It's important to understand that while these offcuts may appear surplus, they require additional processing and fabrication, incurring extra costs that are not typically covered in the initial project pricing. In addition, quotes and job pricing are typically based on the specific slab area needed for the project, and any offcuts may be reserved for contingencies, such as addressing potential breakages or errors during fabrication, to ensure the delivery of a complete and high-quality benchtop.

May I purchase some plain stone from you?

No, we do not supply stone for DIY purposes at Pacific Stone. We specialize in providing complete finished products as we are fabricators, not as suppliers. There are several reasons for this policy. One important reason is related to health and safety. Engineered and natural stone, as well as porcelain, contain an ingredient called silica. When these products are cut and polished without proper water control, silica dust can be released into the air and inhaled. Unfortunately, inhaling silica dust can lead to Silicosis, which is a deadly disease.

Do you offer your services to the public?
Yes we do. There are a few variants when we work with cash sale clients instead of account holders. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.
What are the differences between ranges from each supplier?

The variations between suppliers' ranges primarily pertain to colour, style, and the method of colour production, rather than differences in the quality of the stone itself. The stone's quality remains consistent across these ranges.

Does the benchtop come with a warranty?
Please consult the specific warranties provided by your chosen stone brand. Additionally, we offer our own workmanship warranty, detailed HERE.
What brands of engineered stone do you fabricate?

Here is a list of our suppliers, although we are not restricted to these options.

Pacific Quartz, Natural Stone, Compac, Caesarstone, Primestone, Archant, Silestone, Dekton, Florim, Infinity, Neolith, Ascale, Laminam, Trendstone

What happens after my bench is installed?

Your plumber will be responsible for reestablishing your water connections, while your electrician will handle the electrical aspects. We recommend refraining from using your sink for at least 24 hours following the installation of your countertop. If needed, we can assist in arranging a plumber and electrician to provide these additional services for you.

If you have any unanswered questions please get in touch with us.