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Eurostone® bench top surfaces are made from quartz, one of the earth’s hardest, most resistant, and abundant minerals. It is one of nature’s strongest and rates a seven on the Mohs scale of hardness, on which marble comes it at 3-4. It has a flexural strength more than three times harder than granite and its impact resistance is double that of granite.

Caring for your Benchtop

Caring for your Benchtop
pacific stone care pack

When we’ve installed your stone benchtop, we’ll leave with you a special Pacific Stone ‘Black Box’ which is essentially a care pack for your benchtop. It contains specialised cleaning product for your stone, a special cloth to clean your benchtop with and instructions on how to care for your benchtop for years to come.

If for any reason you do not receive your care pack, or you have further questions regarding care and maintenance of your bench top, please contact our friendly staff.

Why use stone

Why use STONE
stone looks great!

There is something about polished stone which is just so appealing to the human eye. It looks great and it feels great. It adds huge value to your home: Stone benchtops are commonly associated with homes of higher quality, by adding stone to your kitchen you are likely to increase the value of your home far beyond what you pay for the stone. A whole new look in only one step. In many cases, replacing your old benchtop with a new stone one can dramatically change the entire ‘look’ of your kitchen.

Why choose stone for your kitchen

Why choose stone for your kitchen, bathrooms or hearth?
increase your homes value

Most people associate stone with higher valued homes. It’s a sign that you’ve chosen to have higher quality products and finishings in your home.